Jersey offers a unique base for remote gambling that includes a robust legal framework, competitive licence costs, tax benefits, excellent IT infrastructure. This makes Jersey a compelling location for establishing a new eGaming business, or moving an existing operation from another jurisdiction.

Key Facts

Population > 104,200 (as of end of 2016)

Businesses > 7,000

Financial Services > 40% of GDP

Employment > 61,660 (22% of which in financial & legal services)

Currency = £GBP

Time Zone = GMT


With major financial centres only a short flight away, Jersey puts you at the hub of a world-wide travel network. Less than an hour’s flight to London, daily flights to international hub airports and easy access to the UK and Europe’s transport networks, Jersey’s strategic location makes travel easy and enjoyable whether you’re taking your family skiing, spending the weekend in the city or visiting business contacts.

Jersey’s airport and private airfield is easy to access, so you can be home within minutes, ready to enjoy the island’s relaxed pace of life.

Jersey’s close proximity to France - just twenty kilometres away - adds a distinctly European feel to the Island’s ambiance. It’s the perfect setting for the good life, whether you’re hosting clients or just appreciating the Island’s wealth of natural resources.


With a highly respected international reputation and recognised by both the IMF and OECD, Jersey regularly ranks as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world.

Jersey’s well-regulated business infrastructure ensures that you will have peace of mind when you move your business to the Island.

Jersey’s long established world-class reputation as an offshore jurisdiction coupled with the flexibility of Jersey law makes us highly attractive to companies and investors seeking the place of incorporation for a holding company.

We are also Bitcoin pioneers; people are using it, businesses are accepting it and the world's first regulated expert fund is here, all of which means even more options for your business.

Jersey is the leading international finance centre for listing vehicles, proudly being home to:


  • Over 110 companies listed on worldwide stock exchanges from London to New York with a combined market capitalization of over £268bn
  • The greatest number of FTSE 100 companies registered outside the UK The greatest number of companies registered outside the UK in the AIM markets. •
  • The greatest number of companies registered outside the UK in the AIM markets. One third of all Chinese companies in the AIM markets Lifestyle
  • One third of all Chinese companies in the AIM markets



Jersey is a location for those who want to work in a thriving, international centre of excellence, but who also seek a life beyond the office. In Jersey, the work-life balance really is achievable. As well as offering a fantastic business environment, Jersey delivers an exceptional lifestyle and a safe and secure location for families thanks to its high-class education and health systems, a first-class range of restaurants, including three with Michelin Stars, and an abundance of high quality leisure and sporting facilities on the doorstep. In addition, the ability for people to be home, on the beach or in breath-taking countryside within minutes of leaving the office, is a major bonus.

With a pace of life that gives you and your family space to thrive, Jersey is an environment where people and businesses flourish.

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