Jersey Gambling Commission

The Jersey Gambling Commission is the independent regulator for gambling in Jersey, and was established in 2010. The legislation that established the Commission also enshrined three guiding principles: 

  • Gambling should always be conducted responsibly and with safeguards necessary to protect children and vulnerable people;·
  • Gambling should be verifiably fair to consumers of those services;
  • Gambling should be regulated in accordance with accepted international standards to prevent fraud and money laundering, and should not be permitted to be a source of crime.

A Remote Gambling Operators Licence is required to offer Business-to-Consumer (B2C) gambling from Jersey. For a licence to be granted, the applicant must have a company in the Island, in addition to which, data covering player transactions and game outcomes must be held in Jersey. Applicants have the opportunity of using a corporate services provider - details can be found on our Gaming Partners pagesome of which are also holders of Personal Gambling Licences, and therefore may sit as directors making decisions affecting the company. The Commission is funded not by government or by the taxpayer, but by licence and permit holders.

Although the Commission is independent of the Island’s government, it works with the department of the Economic Development Minister, whose political remit covers gambling legislation.

Jersey’s gambling legislation is modern and flexible, and enables the Commission to define and create new licence categories without the need to amend primary legislation.

The Commission has set a competitive schedule of fees based on the cost of regulation, which is laid out in more detail under the various licence categories on the Jersey Gambling Commission website at The JGC does not collect fees for government or seek to make excessive surpluses.

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Key Information

Licence Application Fee: £5,000

B2B Licence Fee: £10,000 per annum

B2C Licence Fee: £15,000 per annum

Gaming Duty: 0%  

Why Jersey for eGaming?

Jersey offers a low tax environment, providing tax certainty and allowing for fiscally efficient cross-border investment, with no tax leakage:

  • No Corporate Tax
  • No Value Added Tax (“VAT”)
  • No Capital Transfer Tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Withholding Taxes
  • No Stamp duty on trading company share transfers
  • No Wealth Taxes

Jersey's position on UK VAT is a key advantage for Jersey over other jurisdictions. No VAT is chargeable on exports to Jersey and such exports can include the provision of professional advice and services to a Jersey entity including the costs of the production of marketing/advertising material in respect of promotions.

Jersey has a visible financial industry in its capital, St. Helier, which employs a quarter of the local workforce. In over five decades, Jersey has developed a breadth and depth to its range of products and services that competing jurisdictions find difficult to match.

The wealth of experience and expertise offered by Jersey’s highly skilled financial service providers, combined with a world-class infrastructure, gives an unparalleled welcome to businesses and investors alike.


Jersey has a highly-developed communications network including Island-wide gigabit and 4G connectivity, excellent access to world-renowned professional service providers and a progressive attitude to the establishment of corporate offices. This connectivity is set to place Jersey at the forefront of the global digital ecosystem, generating significant opportunities foreGaming and ecommerce Business.

Jersey maintains a competitive IT marketplace with 4 major telecoms providers and the Island offers a comprehensive and robust business, power and communication infrastructure with 3 Data Centres (ISO27001 and PCI compliant).

These Data Centres can offer Disaster Recovery, Cloud services and DDoS protection, alongside redundant power back up systems providing 24/7/365 service to stringent SLA’s.

Jersey has in total 42 banks and access to a host of Payment Solution Providers (“PSPs”). Jersey has access to all major accountancy firms and 5 first tier legal practices.

Jersey is the jurisdiction of choice for corporate entities seeking to list – with the greatest number of FTSE 100 companies registered outside of the UK, being registered in Jersey.

A strong, digitally enabled and diversified economy

The development of the eGaming sector in Jersey is being led by Jersey eGaming, a collective of industry partners with the necessary skills and experience to help assist new operators to base themselves in Jersey. In addition Jersey eGaming benefits from a number of app developers and games developers with extensive knowledge of building financial and trading systems.

It is little known that Jersey is the lottery industry’s best kept secret, quietly producing in excess of 160 market leading instants in the past 10 years. Jersey developers have shaped this industry and are at the forefront of mobile and online enablement of lotteries.

Software providers in Jersey have deep experience of working with global leaders in the lottery industry and have led the thinking into exactly how their products should operate. This industry knowledge married with attention to detail and creative flair enables businesses to focus on the fun parts, with the confidence that the products will be well received by players and provide excellent returns for their customers.

Jersey eGaming works closely with Locate Jersey, Digital Jersey, Jersey Financial Services Commission and the Jersey Gambling Commission.

Professional Help and Support

Jersey has access to an established network of third-party service providers with an interest in establishing an integrated solution for new eGaming businesses looking to relocate to the Island. Included in this category are highly experienced corporate service providers; law firms; games software developers, testers and platform providers; compliance resources; data hosting and cloud services; merchant services; tax advisers; Gaming Consultants and other support.

Experts based in Jersey are well positioned to assist with establishing eGaming businesses by providing company formation, licencing and regulatory advice as well as assisting on full migrations of existing businesses and IPO’s.

Dedicated eGaming legal teams, each with a thorough appreciation of the technical, regulatory and operational issues, are available to support your business strategy.

B2C operators based in Jersey can have their media spend, social strategies, affiliate programmes and reporting managed by industry professionals. Businesses selling services to other worldwide companies can discover the excellent B2B sales knowledge here on the Island of Jersey.

A Well Respected Jurisdiction

Jersey’s reputation as a leading financial centre with a well-regulated business infrastructure has been repeatedly endorsed by the IMF and the OECD and the Island regularly ranks as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world. As a jurisdiction to base a business, it has a highly respected international reputation.

The Island has a unique constitutional position, is self-governing, with a stable government and independent fiscal and legal systems.

Although its allegiance is to the British Crown, the Island’s domestic autonomy has been preserved via charter and convention through 800 years of history.

The Island has its own democratically elected Parliament, the States of Jersey which has responsibility for domestic affairs including fiscal matters. Jersey also operates its own judicial system with roots in the customary law of Normandy, but which has also been subject to numerous influences over the centuries, principally from English law and the law of France.

Jersey’s robust, modern and sophisticated legal framework is the source and foundation of Jersey’s finance industry. Developments and enhancements are continually being made to ensure flexibility and attractiveness to domestic and international markets.

Jersey has carefully reviewed the legislative environment for eGaming in competing jurisdictions and has incorporated the best elements into its local legislation. The Jersey Gambling Commission has autonomy and scope to adapt its licensing regime quickly providing a dynamic environment and enabling operators to take advantage of emerging opportunities quickly.

Part of Jersey's international eGaming focus is accentuating the IPO and Listing services already in place on the Island. Jersey is currently home to 110 companies listed on the worldwide stock exchanges from London to New York, the greatest number of FTSE 100 companies registered outside the UK, and the greatest number of companies outside the UK that are listed on AIM, including a third of all Chinese companies listed on AIM. In terms of numbers, Jersey is the leading offshore jurisdiction for Listing. This will give companies seeking to list on global stock markets extra advantages, given Jersey’s international reputation as a transparent, rigorously regulated global finance centre. Shares in Jersey incorporated Holding Companies are free of stamp duty and free of withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties.

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