Enabling lotteries of all sizes around the globe through our highly cost effective and flexible SaaS platform.

Twelve40 is a Lottery and Platform provider that holds a B2B licence in Jersey and a B2C license through a wholly owned subsidiary which provides a local lottery to Jersey residents.

The Twelve40 platform is an ultra-modern, globally scalable platform featuring high frequency financial and messaging systems which underpin a low-cost and customisable lottery and/or raffle solution together with world-class instant win games content. The founders of Twelve40 have over 14 years industry relevant experience, with a specialist team behind them that includes highly skilled developers, marketers and masters qualified data scientists and statisticians.

Twelve40 have created specific licensed delivery solutions for instant win game content. These specialist service providers enable platform providers and operators to quickly and seamlessly gain access to content through a simple API integration, saving months of work and eliminating risk. It is also possible to reskin existing games so that they are unrecognisable from the original, providing cost-effective access to bespoke content whether for a specific tournament, event or market segment.

These specialist solutions are constantly developing new player mechanics, ensuring that their developers have access to the latest environments for their games and themes. By being focused on the sector, developer innovation is encouraged, with creative inspiration often driven from the changing requirements and demands of the client base, resulting in advanced social and engagement features and flexible payments.







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Andrew Jarrett